George Danezis

Prof. of Security & Privacy Engineering

University College London


Professor of Security and Privacy Engineering

Head of Information Security Group (Computer Science department)

Research interests: I research computer security, privacy, and in particular anonymous communications, traffic analysis, statistical inference, smart metering and peer-to-peer security. I have a special interest in the application of modern machine learning to security problems, as well as distributed ledgers. You can see my full CV and a short bio.

Funding and other activities: My research has been funded by the EU, the EPSRC, MSR, ACE (GCHQ), UCL and the BIJ. I sit on the board of the PET Symposium, and the ACM CCS and IH&MMS steering committees. I am a fellow of the Cambridge Centre for Science and Policy, and on the advisory board of the Simply Secure Project and Privacy International. I am open to short-term consultancy engagements around computer security and privacy research, or design reviews, through UCL Consultants.