A comprehensive Body of Knowledge to inform and underpin educational and professional training for the cyber security sector.

CyBOK. For the community, by the community.

Since 2017, more than 115 experts from across the world have committed energy into establishing this open and freely accessible resource. The Body of Knowledge codifies the foundational knowledge in cyber security for education and professional training. It is funded by the National Cyber Security Programme and supported by the UK Cyber Security Council.

CyBOK version 1.0 and associated resources were launched in October 2019 with 19 Knowledge Areas (KAs) following broad community engagement. Further feedback and direct input was sought after this release, with CyBOK version 1.1 landing in July 2021, adding two new KAs: Applied Cryptography and Formal Methods for Security.

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"I think it's a fantastic resource and I use it to support my own understanding of cyber security and keep my knowledge up to date. The authorship reads like a Hall of Fame. I see it as the ultimate reference resource on cyber security - the Knowledge Trees especially, provide a really useful navigation tool and overview. I use the CyBOK as a primary resource in everything I do."

-- Rob Walker, University of Portsmouth.