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[CyBOK Version 1.1](/)

[CyBOK Version 1.1](/)

CyBOK Version 1.1

Following community feedback and direct input after the release of CyBOK v1.0 in October 2019, CyBOK v1.1, released in July 2021, adds two new Knowledge Areas (KAs): Applied Cryptography and Formal Methods for Security. It also includes a major revision to Network Security, a minor revision to Risk Management & Governance and several small typographical fixes, as well as an extensive index of terms as a lookup mechanism.​

Read more from Professor Awais Rashid on why CyBOK has moved to version 1.1 and his thoughts on how the cyber security landscape has changed in recent years.

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Relationships between KAs

Relationships between KAs

The different KAs in CyBOK are not orthogonal and relate to each other in many ways. The key relationships are captured in the table and diagram. These are not exhaustive but indicate main connection points between the KAs.

Dependencies on external knowledge

Dependencies on external knowledge

CyBOK KAs are written to be largely self- contained. However, there is basic knowledge and understanding of concepts that is required in several cases to fully engage with and understand the content of the KA. These external dependencies are noted in the table . Where possible, we refer to relevant knowledge in the IEEE Software Engineering Body of Knowledge Version 3.0 (SWEBOK) and the ACM Computer Science Curriculum 2013.

Introductory Concepts

Introduction to CyBOK  

Introduction to CyBOK - Version 1.1.0

Human, Organisational & Regulatory Aspects

Attacks & Defences

Systems Security

Software and Platform Security

Infrastructure Security

Physical Layer and Telecommunications Security

Physical Layer and Telecommunications Security - Version 1.0.1