CyBOK-related resources for educators and trainers, developed through funded projects

Following a call in December 2020 for funded small projects to develop resources around CyBOK v1.0, eight projects were funded. Project outputs (where available) can be found below. Following the success of this call, a further call will be released.

Project title Resources Lead and Institution
Case Studies in support of CyBOK 1.0 Selected Topics Overview of CyBOK Case Studies
CyBOK Case Study Library
Nancy Mead
SEI Fellow, Carnegie Mellon University (ret.)
Development of redistributable laboratory materials for GSM Denis Nicole
University of Southampton
Development of redistributable laboratory materials for wireless remote control Denis Nicole
University of Southampton
Enhancing security architecture frameworks to accommodate the CyBOK KAs for practitioners Duncan Greaves
Coventry University
Open source CyBOK practical challenges and learning resources Complete index of labs mapped to CyBOK
Complete index of lectures mapped to CyBOK
Cliffe Schreuders
Leeds Beckett University
Providing an online platform for hierarchical knowledge presentation, visualisation and mapping Eckhard Pfluegel
Kingston University
Published PhD theses mapped to CyBOK 1.0 Virginia Franqueira
University of Kent
Teaching CyBOK Cyber Physical Systems Security through interactive simulation Cyber Physical Systems Security project website with links to tutorials Phil Legg
University of the West of England