CyBOK Version 1.0

CyBOK Version 1.0

Authentication, Authorisation & Accountability KA

Authentication, Authorisation & Accountability Issue 1.0

Web & Mobile Security KA

Web & Mobile Security KA - Issue 1.0

Hardware Security KA

Hardware Security - Issue 1.0

Forensics KA

Forensics KA - Issue 1.0

Distributed Systems Security KA

Distributed Systems Security KA - Issue 1.0

Risk Management & Governance KA

Risk Management & Governance KA

Cyber Physical Systems KA

Cyber Physical Systems KA - Issue 1.0

Law & Regulation KA

Law & Regulation KA - Issue 1.0

Physical Layer and Telecommunications Security

Physical Layer and Telecommunications Security KA

Human Factors KA

Knowledge Area Issue 1.0

Secure Software Lifecycle

Knowledge Area Issue 1.0

Privacy & Online Rights

Knowledge Area Issue 1.0


Knowledge Area Issue 1.0

Top-Level Knowledge Areas (KAs)
Scope Document v2.1
Project Methodology
Guide for Authors'


Scoping the Cyber Security Body of Knowledge
Paper presenting CyBOK as the basis of comparison between cyber security curricular frameworks