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Oasis Cyber Detective comics – episodes 1 to 6

Welcome to the World of Oasis where its inhabitants are kept safe by the technology they surround themselves with as they try to rebuild their lives.

Oasis Cyber Detective Episode 1
Oasis Cyber Detective Episode 2
Oasis Cyber Detective Episode 3
Oasis Cyber Detective Episode 4
Oasis Cyber Detective Episode 5
Oasis Cyber Detective Episode 6

Oasis Cyber Detective - Games:

Games linked to the Oasis Detective comics are downloadable. Please note that the code was produced by a third party, has not be security tested by the CyBOK team and does not come with any warranties.

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CyBOK Version 1.0

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The United Kingdom’s Cyber Security Degree Certification Program: A Cyber Security Body of Knowledge Case Study
Report from first CyBOK UK community workshop, 30 October 2019
Identifying the Knowledge Gaps of Future Security Information Workers
Bringing Cyber To School: Integrating Cyber Security Into Secondary School Education
Scoping the Cyber Security Body of Knowledge
Paper presenting CyBOK as the basis of comparison between cyber security curricular frameworks