CyBOK Calls for Community Input to Provide Feedback on User Experience

CyBOK Calls for Community Input to Provide Feedback on User Experience

Published: 23 Jan 2024, 10 a.m.

Your Feedback is Essential in Developing the Cyber Security Knowledge Base

In the ever-changing realm of cyber security, CyBOK emphasises the importance of staying current and relevant. We are currently inviting our diverse community of users to provide feedback via a short survey, shaping the future of this critical resource.

CyBOK's strength lies in its collaborative and interdisciplinary approach, integrating perspectives from technology, law, ethics, and human factors. This blend of expertise ensures that CyBOK not only keeps up with the latest in cyber security but also anticipates future trends and challenges. Understanding the varied applications and impact of CyBOK in education, professional development, and personal learning, the team behind CyBOK has launched this initiative seeks to gather insights into how individuals and organisations utilise CyBOK, aiming to refine and enhance its offerings. Participation in this survey is a unique opportunity to contribute to the evolution of cyber security education and practice.

Additionally, ongoing feedback is welcomed via CyBOK’s Connect page. This continuous dialogue with the community is pivotal in ensuring that CyBOK remains a dynamic and responsive resource.

With your input, CyBOK aims to further its mission of fostering an informed, skilled, and collaborative cyber security community.