CyBOK Unveils New Knowledge Guide on Security Economics

CyBOK Unveils New Knowledge Guide on Security Economics

Published: 16 Jan 2024, 4 p.m.

Cyber Security Body of Knowledge (CyBOK) has released a comprehensive Knowledge Guide on Security Economics, marking a significant stride in the interdisciplinary approach to understanding cyber security. This guide, complemented by an accompanying webinar and podcast, offers a comprehensive review of the latest literature on cyber security through an economic lens, providing a snapshot of the current state of the field, key issues, and emerging techniques.

The guide is divided into key sections, each addressing different aspects:

  • Canonical security failures from an economic perspective.
  • Challenges in measurement.
  • Firm-level approaches to cyber security.
  • Public policy options.

At its core, the guide emphasises that incentives, market failures, and economic principles play a vital role in both the presence of cyber threats and their mitigation. It argues that often the root cause of cyber insecurity is economic rather than technical. As the cyber security landscape evolves, this guide underscores the importance of integrating economic analysis with technical strategies to enhance cyber security practices. The new CyBOK Knowledge Guide on Security Economics is not just an academic contribution; it's a call for cyber security professionals and policymakers to rethink and reshape cyber security strategies with an economic lens.

Find the guides and accompanying resources on the Cybok Supplementary Guides page.