David King

Chief Information Security Officer

Legal & General


David King is the Chief Information Security Officer at Legal & General. He has held senior positions in security in a number of organisations including National Grid, Aviva, JP Morgan Chase and Cap Gemini. He is a visiting fellow of Kellogg College and a visiting lecturer at the University of Oxford where he teaches security and incident management. His PhD in 1987 is in applied Cryptography.

David has been actively involved in the industry over many years and has served on various industry and professional advisory bodies. he is a former board director of the Institute of Information Security Professionals, joint deputy chair of the Information Systems Security Association Advisory Board in the UK. More recently has been involved in Post-Quantum computing Cryptography, serving on the advisory board of the European PQCRYPTO Strategic Advisory Board.

His research interests include cyber and incident response, cryptography, blockchain technologies and digital rights management.