Steve Schneider

Director of the Surrey Centre for Cyber Security

University of Surrey


I am a Professor of Secure Systems, and Director of the Surrey Centre for Cyber Security. I am also Faculty Associate Dean for Research and Innovation. I was previously Head of Department of Computer Science at Surrey.

My research interests span formal modelling and verification for secure systems. I have a current focus on Secure Electronic Voting. I have been involved in the design and development of the Prêt à Voter verifiable voting system and led the team implementing it for use in the vVote system used in the 2014 State Election in the State of Victoria, Australia. I am currently leading projects on verifiable electronic voting, and the use of Distributed Ledger Technologies in this domain and more generally. I chair the IET Working Group on electronic voting.

I am also researching in security and privacy in the transportation domain. In Rail, we are focusing on the challenges around customer data privacy in the context of increased use of customer information to support journeys. Other work in rail has focused on the application of formal modelling approaches to establishing safety requirements within rail networks. In the Automotive domain we are focusing on security within vehicle-to-vehicle communications,

These interests are grounded in earlier work in formal methods and in security around modelling and verification of security protocols, and in non-interference. In particular this has focused on methods for analysis of protocols between agents interacting in an insecure environment, and proving that they provide critical authentication and confidentiality properties.

My formal methods work originated in concurrency theory, specifically the process algebra Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP), and its timed version Timed CSP. I also work with the B-Method and with Event-B, their relationship to CSP, and their application to safety and security verification.